Runaway Press is a community print shop located in the Bellingham Arts District. Our address is 205 Grand Avenue. Our doors open onto the alley perpendicular to Grand Ave--we face the Courthouse Parking lot and the Jail.

We have equipment and facilities for Intaglio, Screen and Relief Printmaking as well as various fibers techniques. We serve artists already trained in print and fibers as well as beginners hoping to learn new skills.


  • Workshops & Classes

  • Open Studio Hours

  • Membership

  • Studio Rentals

  • Technical Orientation

  • Contract Printing

Equipment & Facilities

  • Charles Brand Etching Press (Manual) (36" x 60" bed)

  • American French Tool Etching Press (40” x 70” bed)

  • Hot Plate (23"x 29")

  • Vertical Edinburgh Etching Tank for Copper (20"H x 25"W)

  • Horizontal Copper Sulfate Etching Bath for Steel (26" x 30")

  • Industrial 3-Bay Stainless Steel Sink

  • Immersion Dye Tools & Equipment

  • Large Rollers & Brayers

  • Print Dry Rack (30” x 40”)

  • Flat File Storage for Members (40” x 50” drawers)

  • Tear Bar/Self Healing Mat Paper Station (40” x 50”)

  • Worktables (3' x 9' and 2' x 7')

  • Plate Glass Ink Slabs (2 @ 20" x 30")

  • Private Bathroom

  • Accessible Parking

  • Print & Fiber Reference Books

  • Secure WiFi / Speakers

  • Washing Machine




Becoming a Member is the perfect way to support Print Arts in Bellingham, Washington.  Included in membership is the use of most consumables and tools, including blotters, tarlatan, ink modifiers, newsprint, gloves, grounds, carving & intaglio tools, rollers & brayers, dremel, polishing wheel, flat file storage, and cleaning supplies. Members who commit to six month membership receive a key to the shop and have 24/7 access. Members signing up for month to month membership will need to schedule working in order to maximize equipment and space usage in the shop.

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